David Cronenberg’s Snow White

I lovelovelove this Snow White retelling and how it reimagines each character with a distinctive film director. Definitely worth checking out (especially if you’re a film buff) today in Gingerbread House’s latest issue.

Source: David Cronenberg’s Snow White


The Deaf Poets Society

I’m delighted to announce that The Deaf Poets Society has published one of my essays from my graduate thesis manuscript Variations from the Norm. The manifesto for this online literary journal is to complicate the rhetoric surrounding disability, which (if you know me) has constantly fascinated me in my creative and critical work. In other words, this journal is definitely worth a read, whether that includes my essay (a reflection on caves both literal and metaphorical of a self-rebirth through interaction) or not.


Gingerbread House Issue 22

Did you know that in the original Sleeping Beauty fairytale, the princess slept for one hundred years? This issue features one of the best retellings I’ve seen thus far (“Flowers and Skeleton Crowns”) that highlights the under appreciated detail of the spindle curse. Definitely worth a read (really, the whole issue is awesome).

Source: Skeletons and Flower Crowns

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